Free Spirit Gathering Photos 2016:

In past years, many people have set up small altars and shrines at Free Spirit Gathering. I have frequently enjoyed setting up altars in the last 20 years of attending Gatherings.

This is a small shrine or altar to my patrona, Aradia. I tend to not exactly set up my altars the same way each time. Partially, this is due to practical concerns. (There will be no incense, because I forgot to bring any.) I occasionally have a candle on the altar, but it is not perpetually lit, due to fire safety concerns. The little see-through housing is a new addition this year.

This year, because I had this transparent housing, I added a battery-operated candle in the back. I found the cup prior to taking this photo, so Aradia has a libation offering which I poured out on the ground at the end of the day.

Since the Sacred Source image of Aradia cannot be seen clearly in the first photo, I decided to take a close-up of the statue. I was delighted that a white butterfly settled on the glass just before I snapped the shot.

Here's an overhead view of the shrine. Directly in front of the statue is a container of Sicilian sea salt. To the left, the oval shaped object is a gold-colored, egg-shaped rattle. The stone in the foreground of the see-through container says "Magic." One the table, in the left-hand corner, is a marble bowl containing spring water. On the right-hand corner of the table, you will see a stone incense burner dish with a lit cone of lavender incense.

I attempted unsuccessfully to get a clear picture of the butterfly's markings. The winged critter seemed awfully camera shy. Can anyone tell me the particular species of this butterfly?

FSG Photos 2016
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