"Traditional" Knowledge About Sea Magic

Witches who lived by the shore have long used the sea in their spells. The Janarric witches who lived in the central coastal region of Italy used symbols written on shells to cast sea magic. These sea shells were set near the water at the approaching Tide so that the sea powers would receive the spell and grant it success. Certain types of petitions were written on certain types of shells.

Offerings of white flowers, silver rings, or a bowl of Nectar were left on the shore for the undines. Nectar is made with eight drams of wine, two ounces of milk, and one dram of honey.

The power of the sea is deeply connected with the cycles of the moon. Thus the Moon Goddess rules over the powers of the sea. The lunar phase must be observed and her name invoked. For example, certain woods and herbs were soaked in seawater and later dried out and burned as incenses and offerings to the Moon Goddess. The use of water from the sea was an important aspect of veneration of the moon.

For example, to break the power of a negative condition, this sea shell spell may be performed when the tides are right: collect three shells with dark marks or dark colors upon them. Write the nature of the condition you wish to break. Use a water-based ink that will dissolve in the ocean water. Form three towers of wet sand, like a sand castle, near the water. Then place one of the shells on the top of each tower. Finally, sit facing the towers. Concentrate upon the towers as the waves break them down. Repeat softly, "I send you away; your influence over me is washing away."

Water itself can carry a spell. Fill a crystal clear glass vessel with pure spring water. Extend both palms of both hands out over the water. Concentrate on your desire, visualizing it clearly in your mind's eye. Then pour the water into the ocean tides. The undines will carry your wish.

Give the words of enchantment as the spell goes:

Goddess of the Moon, Earth, and the Sea,
Turn thy spirit and think on me;
Powers and forces which Tides do make,
Now summon thy waves, my spell to take.
This spell is very old. It was also used to carry a message to someone on a ship at sea. The French witches also used this.

Myth's Notes This information is some of the "traditional" material I received typed up in a BOS in 1984. I have included this information on my website because it mentions the "Janarric witches." According to Raven Grimassi, the Janarra is one of the three clans established by Aradia.

I believe my high priestess included it simply because she viewed it as an interesting fragment of Wiccan history. No one in our group was actually close enough to the ocean to use any of the spells described in this section on sea magic.

If you are curious about the origins of the above "Traditional" Knowledge About Sea Magic, read Raven Grimassi's Heriditary Witchcraft, 2003. In Chapter 9, Runic Rites and Symbols, Grimassi has a section on Sea Magic Runes, pp. 145-147. In the Introduction of Hereditary Witchcraft, Grimassi referred to an earlier book of his, The Book of the Holy Strega, 1981. Grimassi also stated he had been teaching some of this material since 1979 in San Diego, California. I suspect the source material for this "Traditional" Knowledge About Sea Magic originated in that 1981 book. It is also possible that these materials were received via the U.S. Mail by one of the coveners from a practicing strega.

The English "words of enchantment," for example, are almost identical.

Goddess of moon, earth, and sea,
each wish in thy name, must come to be.
Powers and forces which the tides do make,
now summon thy waves, my spell to take.
--Raven Grimassi, Hereditary Witchcraft, 2003, p. 147

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