The Goddess Aradia and Other Subjects

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Aradia and Cernunos, 6/12/2019
Terminus God of Boundaries, 5/23/2019
Aradia "Witch Goddess" Pentagram Pendant, 11/27/2017
Farrar-Alexandrian Invocation of Aradia in Italian, 10/2/2017
Souvenir from the Holy Land, 8/25/2017
Saint Thomas the Doubter, 8/24/2017
Window Shrine, 8/13/2017
Pater, Ave, Gloria, 8/5/2017
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Morte, 7/25/17
Useful Prayers: A Prayer for Relgious Tolerance in the USA, 7/7/17
The Italian Martini, 3/20/17
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Images and photos
Aradia Altar
Aradia Altar at FSG 2014
Aradia Shrine at FSG 2016
Aradia Images
Aradia "Witch Goddess" Pentagram Pendant
Aradia and Cernunos
Images and links
Sacred Source deity images
Tile images from Aradia's Gallery
Aradia Spirit Tattoo
Malocchia Divination - 21st Century
Moonstone Crescent Crown
Celebrate the Moon Image
Moon Spirit Image
Triple Moon Goddess Image
Diana Tarot Card
Mater Dolorosa
Madonna Wind Chimes
La Famiglia Santa
St. Martha Hostess Rosary
Gerald Gardner's Witch Broach
Toscano Witch's Midnight Ride
Erodiade painting
Erodiade Regina
Daughter of Herodias
Benevento Restaurant
Charms against the evil eye
Terminus God of Boundaries
Altars and Shrines
Aradia Altar
Dianic Altar
Madonna Shrine
Madonna Shrine II
San Guiseppe Altar
Patron Saint Devotional Shelf: Santa Cecilia
Sicilian Home Altars
Outdoor Catholic Shrine
Window Shrine
St. Anthony Shrine
Charms and Sacred Jewelry
More Cimaruta
Diana Necklace
Lunar Goddess Necklace
Talisman of the Moon
Moon Pendant
Juno Pendant
Aradia "Witch Goddess" Pentagram Pendant
Moonstone Crescent
Prayer Locket
Amber & Jet Necklace
Witch Money
Witch Money Junk Jewelry
Charm Bracelet
Prayer Beads
Sator Rotas Square
Stories worth retelling
Dianic Mythology
Secret Story of Aradia
The Beautiful Pilgrim
Why the Wicca...
Queen of the Witches
Sanctity of Trees
Aphrodite and Ugly Slave
The Two Hunchbacks
Giufa's Fine Clothes
L'orco and the Miser
A Tragic Anecdote
Ferona Buona Vecchiarella
Silver Nose
St. Anthony and the Divine Child
St. Anthony Save Little Italy
Devotee of St. Joseph
The Story of La Befana
The Dance of Herodias's Daugher
Erodiade, figure misteriose
Santa Marta Wonder Worker in Gallia
Bella Marta and the Young Contadino
The Sicilian Grandmother
King Orfeo and Queen Herodis
Rainardo and the Pretty Bride
Star Bears
Father Saturnus and the Saturnalia
The Little Bird
Secret Story of Aradia
Invocations, devotions, and rituals
Erodiade Invocation
Wiccan invocations and devotions
Farrar-Alexandrian Invocation of Aradia
Farrar-Alexandrian Invocation of Aradia in Italian
Alexandrian EKO EKO Chant
Aradia Chanting
The Vangelo Charge
The Goddess Speaks: Aradia
The Aradia Charge
Litany of Aradia
Invocation to Aradia
Wiccan Offering For Aradia
To Make a Wish Come True
Two Invocations from Leland's Aradia
or the Gospel of Witches
, Ch. 13
Moonlight Chant
Benediction for Many Purposes
Power & Strength Candle Magic
The Wild Chase
"La Figlia di Diana" by Lady Isadora
"Aradia" by Inkubus Sukkubus
Drawing down the moon
Solitary Drawing Down the Moon
Coven HPS Drawing Down the Moon
Greco-Roman Drawing Down the Moon
What Would Aradia Do?
Real Old Time Religion
Letter from Kindergarten
A Path with no Name
Saint Thomas the Doubter
Spells and ritual
Petition Candles
Spell of the Candle
Spell for Those Who Merit the Favor of Aradia
Feminist Dianic Blessing
Spell to Attract a Desirable Lover
Spice Rack for Diana
Lemon and Pins
Lemon Protection Charm
Lemon and Cloves
Attract Money Charm
Transformation Symbol Charging Spell
Devotion to Aradia
To Conjure the Moon
Prayers to Diana
Hymn to Diana
To Diana, To Fortune
Prayers to Hecate
Songs of the Fratres Arvales
Horace Odes 22 and 23
Italian Invocation of Aradia
Conjuration of Aradia for Spellwork
Milk Bath
Love Bath
Lemon Bath
Offering to Aradia At the Seashore
Sea Magic
Natural Stone Magic
To Appear Beautiful
Cleansing Negative Influences
Rosemary Protection Cleansing Spell
Safe Travel
Italian Motor Vehicle Magic Charm
Traditional Spell to End a Quarrel
Pater-noster a doppio
Italian Salt Water Purification
La Festa dell'Epifania
Sator Rotas Square
Full Moon Healing Ritual
Healing spells
Healing Fever, Traditional Italian
Benedicaria Egg Healing Ritual
Relieving Malochia
Malocchio Clove Divination and Cure
Malocchio Cure
Aradia the Healer
Dancing Healing Magic
Healing Warts
Destroy Warts
Moonstone Healing
Health Charm
Charm for a Sprain
Prosperity magic
Attract Money Charm
Increasing Silver Money
Spell to Increase Money
Moonlight Silver
To Acquire Wealth
Living Well Spell
Rue Candle
Spell to Get a Job
Walnut Charm
Cakes and Beverages for offerings
Crescent Cakes
Crescent Cookies
Amaretti Cream Crescents
Greek Crescent Cookies
Harvest Moon Cookies
Moon Cookies
Lemon-Clove Moon Cookies
Imbolc Moon Cookies (with walnuts)
Hyderabad Chand Cookies
Chinese Moon Cakes
Vin Brule
Wiccan spells for charging
Moon Candle
Wiccan Ring
Latin Charm of Manifestation
Transformation Symbol Charging Spell
Potions, Oils, Waters, and Incenses
Moon Offerings: Oils and Waters
Moon Offerings: Incenses
Lunar Water
Herbal Moon Water
Psychic Mint Tea
Rue Infusion
Vervain Infusion
Oil-Based Infusion
Vervain Oil
Italian Rose Oil
Van-Van Annointing Oil
Lunar Elixir
Tuscan Protection Incense
Vin Brule
History and speculation
Who Is Aradia? by Myth Woodling
Understanding Leland's Aradia
Key Texts from Leland
Online version of Charles G. Leland's Aradia
What is the Amalthean Horn?
Aradia in Wicca
What is a "Folkloric Witch"?
Folkloric Witches
The Spirit of Italian Witchcraft
Ancient Roman Ethics
The Muses in Ancient Greece and Rome, and Their Continued Influence
The Venti (Wind Gods)
Who is Lilith?
Festival of Torches
The Nemoralia
Proserpina, Goddess of Sicily
Two Beneventos
The Walnut Tree
The Uncanny Walnut Tree in Benevento
Speculations and Evidence About the Use
of the Name Aradia In Wicca by Aidan A. Kelly
Canon Episcopi
Tuscan Sword In the Stone
Christmas Eve AD 1513 Message
The Tarot
Tarot Speculation
Lunar Calendar
Black Madonnas
More About Black Madonnas
Italic Language Tree
Proto-Indo-European Language Tree
Grecco-Roman Drawing Down the Moon
Maryland Lunar and Water Lore
Planets, Magic, and History
Stargazing and Modern Sky Lore
Tyche and Aradia
Aradia Essay by Grimassi
Memorial: Raven Grimassi
Who Was Aradia? by Sabina Magliocco
Tarantella, Dancers, and Tarantism
Gezabele Song
Neapolitan Witchcraft by J. B. Andrews
Allu Mari
Haitian Lore: Comparing the Legends of Bois Caiman
Folkloric Witches
History and saints
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Giuseppe
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Morte
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Michele Arcangelo
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Sant' Antonio
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Sant' Anna
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Teresa
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Marta di Betania
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Valentino
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santo Simeone
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Cipriano di Antiochia
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Sant'Espedito di Melitene
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Raimondo Nonnato
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: San Patrizio
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Guardian Angels
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Beads for the Dead
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Gertrude di Nivelles
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Liberata
Praying to Saints and Folk Magic: Santa Zita di Lucca
Who was Saint Anthony?
The Canticle of Creatures
Madonna Shrine
Madonna Shrine II
San Guiseppe Altar
Patron Saint Devotional Shelf: Santa Cecilia
Sicilian Home Altars
Souvenir from the Holy Land
Outdoor Catholic Shrine
Mater Dolorosa
Madonna Wind Chimes
La Famiglia Santa
Pater, Ave, Gloria
Astronomy and science
Moon Phases: Shapes of the Moon
Astronomy: Planets and Myths
Blue Moon
Astronomical-Astrological Ages
Philosophy and Psychology
Pagan, Pantheism, Polytheism
Definitions from Merriam-Webster
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
Italian Feast of the Dead Recipes
Sugared Walnuts
Pulies Merlinia
Moretum, Garlic and Herb Sauce
Spaghetti with Garlic and Olive Oil
Fenoci in Salata (Fennel Salad)
Lemon Chicken
Blood Orange Martini
Jersey Devil Cocktail
Cool Witch Cocktail
More Strega Cocktails
More Strega Cocktails II
More Strega Cocktails III
Strega Coffee
Homemade Strega
Krampus Cocktail
The Italian Martini
Strega Brownies
Fennel with Liquore Strega
Banana Moon Smoothie
Fava Bean Soup
St. Joseph's Bread
Ravioli for St. Joseph's Day
Lentils for Prosperity
Alphabetical info easy reference
Goddesses Dictionary
Dictionary of Gods
ABC of Aradia and Other Subjects
Significant Latin Terms
Words of power
Epithets or Titles of Aradia
Stuff worth repeating
Quotable Quotes
Pearls of Wisdom, Quinces of Gold
Latin Phrases
American-Italian Folklore: Proverbs and Old Sayings
Questions and Comments
Answers from a Strega
On Dual-Faith Observance in the Italian Craft
Secret Family Traditions?
Lucifero and Diana
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