Diana Tarot Card
by Thalia Took

Diana (whose name simply means "Goddess") is the Roman goddess of the wild places who protects women and girls, especially virgins. Like the Greek Artemis, with whom the Romans identified her, she loves forests and the hunt, is the patroness of childbirth, and is associated with the light of the moon. The Romans recognized three aspects of her--as the Moon-goddess, they called her Luna; as an underworld deity of magic, Hekate; and as the huntress-goddess, Diana.

On the shores of Lake Nemi, a famously beautiful lake in a volcanic crater not far from Rome, Diana Nemorensis ("of the Grove") had a temple in a forest on the lake's shores. Her priest at this temple became so by plucking the golden bough (a branch covered with the sacred mistletoe) from the wood and then killing the former priest in single combat. In his turn, however, he too could be slain by another.

In Gaul, she was identified with Nemetona, "Goddess of the Sacred Grove", and considered the consort of Mars. She was also associated with Nemesis, the Greek goddess of Fate, and in this aspect is shown with an apple bow and cider bowl. Diana's feast day is August 13th.

This card in a reading indicates a time of transformation, symbolized by the frog She holds. The wild places of the world are calling you, and through their ancient beauty you will be changed.

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