Epithets or Titles of Aradia

bella Aradiabeautiful Aradia
Fata AradiaAradia the Faery
La prima stregaFirst Witch or first among Witches
la prima strega della mondofirst witch of the world
la binan figlia della Dianadaughter of Diana
La MaestraTeacher
La Bella PellegrinaBeautiful Pilgrim
la donna di poterepowerful woman
Taumaturgawonder worker
dea benevola*Gracious Goddess
strega benedetta*holy strega
portatrice di magia*Bringer of Magic
Regina di tutti stregoneria*Queen of All Witchery
la guaritrice*Healer
Patrona degli oppressi*Protector of the oppressed
Padrona dei mondi*Mistress of the Worlds
Donatore della vita*Giver of Life
Sovrana del mare*Ruler of the Sea
Signora di volo di notte*Mistress of the Night Flight
Mia Donna LunaMy Lady Moon
luna crescentecrescent moon
luna nuovanew moon
mezza lunahalf moon or quarter moon
luna pienafull moon
La Dea della LunaGoddess of the Moon
Dia delle stelle e della lunaGoddess of the stars and moon
la padrona del' oceanmistress of the ocean
la regina piu potentequeen most powerful
Regina della notteNight Queen
Regina della stellaqueen of the stars
regina della terraqueen of earth
regina del cieloqueen of heaven
Regina delle stregheQueen of Witches
regina della segretiqueen of secrets
regina della spiritiqueen of spirits
regina di tutta la naturaqueen of all nature
regina del sol della luna della stellequeen of the sun, the moon and stars
Madre di Streghe*Mother of Witches
Madre della Stregoneria italiana*Mother of Italian Witchcraft

Above comprises a list of titles or epithets used for Aradia which I have found in various sources. If anyone has any others, they are welcome to send them to me, Myth Woodling

This list was first created in 3/3/05. The epithet, "Bringer of Magic," was added after July 2009 when someone used it as a title to describe the Wiccan Goddess Aradia. The epithets, "Mother of Witches" and "Mother of Italian Witchcraft" were added in July 2013, when I located a reference to them as titles of Aradia at: Pagan/Wiccan Gods & Goddesses: Aradia. As the reader may guess, the two Italian epithets, "Madre di Streghe" and "Madre della Stegoneria italiana", were not in the web page article.

This list was previously updated in July 2009. At that time, I did not have Italian versions of some of the English epithets for the Wiccan Goddess Aradia. I've recently gotten what would probably be translations from English to Italian, which are not literally accurate, but may give more of the general meaning. Once again, anyone who has comments or corrections, I would love to have them. January 30, 2013.

Again, anyone who would like to share corrections or additions, I would love to have them. July 13, 2013.

Litany of Aradia This list of epithets and titles was the inspiration of the Litany of Aradia. I've lately seen this litany popping up on sundry websites. I'm so glad people have noticed it, found it useful, and continue to share it with others. If you wish to share the litany--although I did not write it--could you share a link to Epithets or Titles of Aradia: http://www.jesterbear.com/Aradia/epithets.html.

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