Common Incense Recipes

These are some incense recipes commonly mentioned in spirit work and spell work. Many folks purchase premixed versions of these incenses in loose powdered form which they burn on charcoal. There are many mixtures that can also be bought in cone or stick form. Lots of practioners buy premixed stuff.

Others prefer to mix their own. Some have their own "special" recipe, which they personally prefer.

Others have their own "secret" recipes, which they personally mix up and sell to others.

Since recipes cannot be copyrighted, these incense recipes can be found in numerous books and all over the web. I have found versions of them in several places, often with identical wording and sometimes with only subtle variations.

I list these common recipes as examples of what may be in that bag of incense labled: Kyphi Incense, Abramelin Incense, Mexican Magic Incense, etc.

Abramelin Incense
Black Cat Incense
Business Success Incense
Cleansing Incense
Drive Away Evil Incense
Egyptian Incense
Go Away Spirit Incense
Honors and Aclaim Incense
Isis Incense
Kyphi Incense
Kyphi Incense (Simplified)
Mexican Folk Magic Incense
Mexican Magic Incense
Money Drawing Incense 1#
Money Drawing Incense 2#
Power Incense
Protection Incense 1#
Protection Incense 2#
Rosary Incense
Sahumeria Azteca Incense
Spirits Depart Incense
Spirits Incense #1
Spirits Incense #2
Spiritualist Incence
Success Incense 1#
Success Incense 2#

Interestingly, only the common names for the plant ingredients are consistently used in these recipes--not Latin botanical names, which can lead to confusion when mixing up incenses. Some wildly different plants can have the same common name. For safety and desired effectiveness, the botanical Latin names of plants should be specically stated to make certain there is no error about exactly which plant ought to be used in a particular recipe.

As only the common names for the plant ingredients, not Latin botanical names, are used in these recipes, the creators of "That Hoodoo..." make no claims and accept no responsibility for any effects or consequences for mixing up or use of any of these incense recipes.

Disclaimer: The creators of "That Hoodoo..." accept no responsibility for effects or consequences of casting spells or making magical charms found on this website. One should not consider any of these traditional charms, remedies, or folklore a substitute for modern medical care nor a substitute for visits to a licenced medical practioner. Create your own magic responsibly.

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