Working the Spell

Peaceful Home
Easing a Fever
Prayers for Health Charm
Achieve a Desired Wish
Fixing a Nutmeg Charm to Draw Money
Gaining Cooperation from Co-Workers
Seeking Employment
Getting Hired for a Job
High John to Draw Cash
Loan For Hard Times
Needing Financial or Real Capital
Contacting A Guardian Angel
Attain Honor and Enhance Abilities and Personal Powers
Old Time Healing Massage
Medicinal Clay Recipe for Healthy Skin
Kissing Sweet Beauty Sugar Scrub
Beautifing Facial Masque 1#
Beautifing Facial Masque 2#
Insect Bites and Bee Stings
Gullah Cure for Swelling of the Skin or Joints
Oil to make the body shine
Beautifying Hair Washes
Sweet on You
Charm to Seek Affection and Love
Attracting a Worthwhile Lover
Cleopatra's Allure
Attract a Gay Lover
Asking the Spirit of Love, Chuparrosa
Beth Root to Break Up an "Emotional Affair"
Keep Him At Home
Draw That Which Is Desired With Jezebel Root
Psalm 23 Mojo Bag
Mojo for Victory
Red Fast Luck Oil
Four Seals of the Four Elements
Ending a Useless Argument
Reducing Personal Stress
Successful Court Case Outcome
Prevail in a Court Case
Favorable Court Case Decision
Avoiding Trouble With Law Enforcement
General Protection
Protection from Fire and All Adversity
Slaying the Giant
Yemaya's Protection
Break A Hex
Mojo Bag to Open the Road
Mama Jo Healing
Seven African Powers
Protection Against Duppies
Guard Against Malign Spirits
Overcome Evil Influences
The Writing Is On The Wall
Stop Malicious Gossip and Deceitful Tongues
Silence Gossip and Stop Enemies from Slander
Cease Negative Effects of Gossip
Recovering Stolen Goods

Disclaimer: The creators of "That Hoodoo..." accept no responsibility for effects or consequences of casting spells or making magical charms found on this website. One should not consider any of these traditional charms, remedies, or folklore a substitute for modern medical care nor a substitute for visits to a licenced medical practioner. Create your own magic responsibly.

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